I am Florence, a learning individual who believes in the principle of “SHARING”. I enjoy learning and sharing on almost everything. It seems to have integrate as part of my life already. If there’s once I decided to be naughty and refuse to share, I will feel uncomfortable. Well, I am not a busybody… just enjoy the feeling of sharing so I can leave more positive impacts on others. Therefore, I decided to start this blog site to share on various money making opportunities online and also about my career and things that matter to me.


imageFor the past 10 years, I’ve always been an entrepreneur, venturing into Marketing Communication and Manicure Spa retail businesses whereby both industries are well-known for sucking up a lot of people’s time. As a single mother with a teenage son, having “time” is very important to me. Therefore in 2010, I decided to end my businesses and join the employment market to swap for more spare time. Currently, I spent all of my extra time taking care of my son, do things I enjoy doing and continuous strive to learn stuffs that I am interested in.
imageI love nature and taking time off for vacation especially short trip to Bangkok and beaches. Having work-life-balance is really what I think is important. Therefore I always make sure I have sufficient time for my family, friends, work and myself. I’ve been to countries like Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, South Africa, etc and really enjoy travelling to the max.

Other than enjoying my life, I begin to become serious with blogging in 2015. In fact, this interest of mine first started in 2010 while I was still an entrepreneur. However I was not serious back then. Only recently I became serious blogger. You can find my blog teaching people how to earn money with blogging via www.clickwebsuccess.com.

imageCurrently, I am engaged with government agency where I design and manage a innovation project . Basically, my job is to help local innovators develop their products up to commercialization stage. Well, having experience as entrepreneur in marketing communication and retail business, being innovative and be creative is nothing new to me. It is simply about having a structured innovation to solve complex problem. I guess dealing with people are more challenging than developing innovations … lol.

Being a learning individual, I never stop learning. After having my professional degree (ICSA) for 20 years, I’ve recently obtained MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University. This is not really my achievement. In fact being able to influence my sister and a good friend to start their MBA journey after mine is the true achievement I felt!


imageI consistently have one dream since young. This has always been my birthday wish every year.

“I want the WORLD to be Happy”

But how can I do this? Being under employment has indeed allow me to experience empathy when dealing with local community. It reaffirms me that I am indeed luckier than most people which made me wanting to contribute more. While browsing on how to help community engage online, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. This blogging e-learning platform caught my attention and made me completely hooked on it. This is where I acquire my blogging capacity. In fact, WA community came from different continents across the globe and I learned from marketers globally!

Then, I share all my blogging experiences on www.clickwebsuccess.com because I believe, by sharing I will be able to learn more.


The reason I am creating this blog is to share with you all my knowledge and personal opinion about how to live life to the fullest and leave more positive impact to the world. As I love many aspect of life, this blog shall cover 3 main areas.

  • Home & Leisure
  • Digital & Business
  • Employment Story

I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog and if you are also interested to start a personal blog like mine, you can start one for free here.

I’ve also written a book on “Beginner’s Guide To Blogging Success” and here I am sharing with you. Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoy writing.