Everyday is New in South Africa

Being a single mother, life is always challenging for me. I am not saying it is tough but the accountability towards my son brings me more decisions to make everyday. Struggling between career and family, very often, I’ll choose family over everything else. I guess this is how Chinese tradition is observed. (Yes, I am a typical traditional Chinese woman)

I think all working mothers will somehow or rather agree with me that performing duty as a mother at the same time delivering “never-ending work demand from bosses” are stressful. Regardless of whether you are in business or working for others, work is a never ending story.

It has become my routine to take time off for yearly vacation as it re-energizes me. Most of the time, I will bring my son along but the last trip I went was only with my sisters and cousin to South Africa. Of course my son wanted to follow but since this trip is quite expensive, therefore, he had to stay back.

I went there for 10 days and visited Pilanesberg National Park, Sun City, Gold Reef City, Table Mountain, Boschendal Wine Estate, Seal Island and Boulders Beach. 

Everyday in South Africa is new experience for me.

This is the hotel we stayed in Sun City – Palace of The Lost City


There are many wild animals we saw during our game drive at Pilanesberg National Park and most animals travel in group.


We were carried underground in a lift used by gold miners in Gold Reef City. The entire city up there housed thousands of miners and their families.


The wall inside the empty gold mine has water leakages and we were told to move up to the ground using stairs in case of emergency… phew, luckily it never happen.


The medical area for emergency which is not in use anymore.


This REAL gold is so heavy!!!


Does the mountain behind us look like a table? It is called Table Mountain due to its natural formation that looks like a table.


The entire Cape Town seems to be surrounded by mountains and water. Regardless of where you took the photo, the view is just so mesmerizing.


Boschendal is one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa and is located between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch in South Africa’s Western Cape.


Each of us tasted 7 types of wine in this 100 years old wine estate.


Along the way from Boschendal, we stopped by some places and I was invited into a local church by the pastor. Indeed great experience.


I think Karen is scare of touching the ostrich … lol.


We were told this is the smallest ostrich (adult) in this farm. Look at how “no-stress” we are… the three Ki’s sisters


Karen, my younger sister is always the daring one. That’s why she sat beside the pilot!


As usual, me being me is timid. So duduk belakang lah. My cousin Pek Lian also timid like me…lol


Nice view right? Beautiful Cape Town with Table Mountain as the backdrop.


We not only experienced helicopter ride but also a sail to Seal Island. Trust me, it was an adventurous ride and many people vomited!


Look like me? She’s my twin sister Lily.


The lovely couple are Mr. Ooi (a businessman) and Mrs Ooi (a retired teacher). Both of them are super friendly.



Penguins, penguins and penguins everywhere at Boulders Beach. They really bite!


This is only a small fraction of them only. There are hundreds of penguins in this beach.


Yes, the eldest sister is always the one who needs to work harder. Lily arranged birthday cake for Karen in Cape Town, thanks to Reliance Travel too!


Everybody is so happy… Of course, me as usual doing the supporting role.


Tadaa… 3 sisters and 1 cousin sister. From left: Florence, Karen, Lily and Pek Lian. Karen is the youngest among the 4 of us!

There are just so many beautiful stuffs happening in South Africa and too many beautiful photos to share here. If I am asked to describe my experience in South Africa, I would say “Everyday is New in South Africa”. Never regret paying so much for this trip, thanks to Reliance Travel.





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