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The Pain of Being Very Beautiful

Recently, I’ve few friends who kept reminding me how gorgeous I was when they first met me and how much attention I got wherever I went, regardless from which direction others look at me. Those who gave these remarks are mostly friends whom I’ve known in my late 20’s or early 30’s when I was still young and slim…. lol. Well, I do look pretty decent back then and no doubt I was always the center of attraction and received lots of compliments from both men and women, thanks to my…

My First Experience with Real Safari in South Africa

More than 10 years ago, I’ve been to the so-called “safari” in both Bangkok and Singapore, consist of mostly short distance tram rides. I was told these safaris were managed by a group of people and animals were fed by caretakers. Of course, I find each experience very mesmerizing especially when I have the chance to see so many types of animals in mere 40 minutes rides. With the intention to visit safari again, I decided to join my sisters to visit the real safari in South Africa this time. As we have never been…