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The Pain of Being Very Beautiful

Recently, I’ve few friends who kept reminding me how gorgeous I was when they first met me and how much attention I got wherever I went, regardless from which direction others look at me. Those who gave these remarks are mostly friends whom I’ve known in my late 20’s or early 30’s when I was still young and slim…. lol. Well, I do look pretty decent back then and no doubt I was always the center of attraction and received lots of compliments from both men and women, thanks to my…

Grassroots Innovation Movement & Perspectives

Grassroots innovation is a terminology where many Malaysians have misinterpret as rural innovation, including some of my younger colleagues in Malaysian Innovation Foundation (Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia – YIM), a non-profit organization entrusted to support the development of grassroots innovation in the country. This misinterpretation might arise due to the incomplete transfer of knowledge about grassroots innovation movement obtained from 2011 YIM’s visit to India’s National Innovation Foundation, a non-profit organization that drives grassroots innovation movement primarily to support rural communities, particularly poor farmers with novel untapped knowledge. The Need to Define Grassroots Innovation in…