The Pain of Being Very Beautiful

Recently, I’ve few friends who kept reminding me how gorgeous I was when they first met me and how much attention I got wherever I went, regardless from which direction others look at me. Those who gave these remarks are mostly friends whom I’ve known in my late 20’s or early 30’s when I was still young and slim…. lol.

Well, I do look pretty decent back then and no doubt I was always the center of attraction and received lots of compliments from both men and women, thanks to my looks or maybe owing to my joyful character too.

Many times, I will be approached by strangers on the street, young children or even my son’s schoolmates who will walk towards me, telling me how beautiful I was. With so much attraction, I sometimes will purposely wore glasses to tone down my looks as I believe being very beautiful can be a disaster. And I will constantly remind myself to put on lesser makeup so I can look plain. Sounds crazy right?

Stepping into the age of 40 this year, my friends now started advising me to take special care of my looks and telling me the importance of going for regular facial to prevent appearance of wrinkles (while I still can). Guess, this proves that I’ve finally aged. For those who don’t know me, I am not a person who fancy going for facial as I feel it is a waste of time, laying on the bed for 2 hours!

When I heard this “taking care of my looks” advice from them, deep down in my heart I told myself “wow, I’ve finally segmented myself from the category of beautiful people”. I bet you must be thinking I am crazy. Who on earth in this world will not want to look very beautiful? Why would someone be happy for being less beautiful?

Yes, you didn’t read wrongly. Being less beautiful and simply looking like a plain Jane is something I’ve yearn for years. Oops, I am not saying I used to be very beautiful but there were just so much attraction in me that people can’t stop looking at. If you have continuously experienced being the center of attraction like me, I am pretty sure there will be a day when you might want to be plain. Let me share with you some pain of being very beautiful (I’ve definitely experienced some) and you might rethink about being envious of beautiful people.

Your Talent Will Not Be Easily Acknowledged

Beautiful people are often perceived negatively as being “not so smart” because you are simply too beautiful for others to even be interested to explore the other side of you. It is just too good to be true for a beautiful person to be intelligent. Being beautiful might deprive you of good career opportunities especially when it is a high level position. This is more true when those interview you are women as they are naturally intimidated by competition. Beautiful people therefore are compelled to put in more effort for others to see your talent, let alone acknowledge them.

Love Relationship Is More Difficult

Relationship of a couple can only be sustainable when there is “trust” between each other. A beautiful person often feel unsure whether her partner really loves her or it is her body that he cares about. But her physical look is so fantastic, it overshadows anything else and people just can’t ignore it. This creates doubts and lead to mistrusts that challenged her to constantly find true love. When mistrust creeps in, relationship becomes more difficult.

Others Will Be Intimidated

Because you are too beautiful, others are terrified to approach you. They freeze looking at your bewitching eyes, radiant smile and your sexiest legs. I am not referring to only men, but women too. They just can’t get their eyes off you. Women naturally will compete for the attention of men. When your girlfriends are with you, it is even more difficult for them to shine. You will then realize your girlfriends will not introduce their date to you as they are so intimidated by your beauty.

Distraction Is Your Enemy

Being beautiful, you are spoilt with lots of choices and opportunities. All the best opportunities will first be offered to you. You are therefore easily distracted and blinded by those offers leading to higher probability in making the wrong decisions. These distractions can be disastrous if you are not meticulous enough in time of decision-making. Distraction is definitely the greatest enemy of very beautiful people.

You Are Always Lack of Money

Because you are very beautiful, everything that you wear or carry seem to fit perfectly on you. You tend to buy latest fashion to suit the various outings you are invited to. There are just so many different invitations you get everyday and it seems mandatory for you to constantly upkeep your beautiful image. Many times the dresses that you bought were only wore once.  Spending money to upkeep your image and be at par with your peers who are equally fashionable has become a necessity. Unless you are rich, otherwise by the time you realize it, you might be broke already.


I am not saying being very beautiful is painful but when you are beautiful there is even more needs to take extra care to protect yourself at the same time not hurting anyone. Well, on the bright side, I do receive lots of gifts from people back then, but as I aged, material stuffs pose less significance to me.

Now, I do enjoy being free from attractions that enable me to live the hassle-free lifestyle that I’ve yearn for. No parties invitation, reduced the constant need to look good, free to be the real me and the best is more people will be willing to discover the intrinsic talent in me. What about the very beautiful you?

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