The Power of Internet Business

There are lesser career opportunities nowadays and we often hear tens of thousands employees laid off due to global economy slowdown and also the increasing use of technology to replace labour intensive jobs. Yes, this is happening in Malaysia too especially in the area that I work in – Cyberjaya. I always hear companies near my workplace starting to retrench employees and some even shrink their operation in Cyberjaya and move their facility to a cheaper location. The challenging economy is worrying and creates tension and stress especially on those under employment. Many are worrying of losing their jobs and start looking around for alternative source of income. It seems like a lot of my friends are earning extra income by selling stuffs online which is one type of internet business around us. We all know that internet business can do wonders but let’s discuss in detail why everyone should be engaged one way or another with this business.

1. Security For Rainy Days

Admit it, the easiest way to start a business is to start an internet business. It can be started immediately with minimal investment if you have extra time to spare. You just need to buy a domain name, create a website, drive traffic and start promoting products without the need to pay upfront for stocks. Well, doing internet business is competitive. However it is a way of business with lowest risk to prepare for rainy days. You can start anytime you want to. Therefore, if you need a plan for rainy days, internet business might be the way to go. For my friends who are interested, you can start by creating a free website here.

2. Allow Yourself Choices

If you currently have a good income from employment, you might want to consider earning extra cash by starting an internet business. Why work until wee hours for someone else if you can earn more more money by spending time on your own business? You might as well use those spare time to get ready for rainy days. If you create a successful internet business while still under employment, you will have the choice to follow your passion if you ever decide that working is not for you anymore. You will then have a CHOICE. It is the same as not having too high financial commitment so that you are free to choose your path without having to worry of non-fulfillment to a recurring commitment. By spending your extra time wisely, you actually allow yourself more choices!

3. Plan for your family and your retirement

I am sure you have heard that many elderly are not able to retire comfortably due to the rising inflation. Lets face it, with the current rate of inflation most people cannot retire comfortably without having other sources of income. You will reach a stage where employers chose to bring in younger and cheaper talents to replace you. This is the truth and it is happening everywhere, not only in other countries but also our own. Look at our parents, are they able to retire comfortably? My dad can happily retire because my sister is taking over his business and this gives him income too. Some of my friends’ parents invest in shares, mutual funds, forex, or properties that yield returns and allow them to retire comfortably. However, investments come with certain degree of risk and not all will yield return. Whether you are planning for your family or yourself, having income solely from employment and investment alone are neither secure anymore. You need to create additional source of sustainable income as security for you and your family, and internet business is the easiest to start with.

4. Internet Is The New Economy

Internet adoptions are increasing rapidly every year especially in Asia countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. More people choose to buy online –  from buying simple grocery to big size products such as furniture or electronics. Many choose to buy online because it reduces travelling time and people can normally get things at cheaper price. More and more giant retailers choose to go online and reduce their physical retail presence. People who run internet business can enjoy the flexibility to earn money from anywhere without having to worry about rent nor dealing with employees. Starting internet business also comes with minimal risk. Once you establish your online presence, your business can literally run on auto-pilot without you to be physically present. Internet is definitely the new economy and it is the trend that no businesses can ignore.

Internet Business Is Not A Choice Anymore

Nowadays, internet business is not a choice anymore. I started to build my internet business, learning from Wealthy Affiliate in year 2015. After a year of hard work, this platform not only allows me to achieve breakeven in my business but also made me some significant profits. Despite this, it is still way behind from what I am earning from my current employment (I earn my current position with 20 years of hard work too).  I still have way to go! Regardless, the fact is “I started”. What about you?

For those who are interested to run a small-scale internet business, you must first be willing to commit your extra time building the business. Without this commitment, nothing is going to happen. I write this blog immediately after driving back from my hometown in Batu Pahat while my friends are still enjoying their holiday doing activities they enjoy. I believe in hard work to achieve sustainability in all aspect of life. I hope you too.

Internet business may not be a choice anymore but it is definitely not for people who cannot commit their time but only believe in sheer luck. For my friends who want to learn creating small-scale internet business, you can leave me a comment below or contact me directly. You know what number to press, right? Hope you can find value in this blog post and achieve sustainability through internet business too.

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I am Florence, a learning individual who believes in the principle of “SHARING”. I enjoy learning and sharing on almost everything. It seems to have integrate as part of my life. Therefore, I decided to start www.florenceki.com to share all my knowledge and everything that matters to me. Of course this includes how to earn money online which I’ve been sharing via www.clickwebsuccess.com

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