Wealthy Affiliate Strengthen My Digital Marketing Competency

Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity, particularly among the younger generation and those who are keen to earn passive income. It is also one of the key strategy for every e-commerce stores like Amazon, Ebay and Lazada to quickly gain market share. But what is affiliate marketing and why businesses and people like you and me want to capitalise on?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to online promotion done by an “affiliate” with a tracking link from an “affiliate site”, redirected to the seller’s website. The affiliate will then receive a commission for every sale made via the link. I like to promote affiliate product because it has no cost to me. Unlike conventional businesses whereby the owner is required to stock up products, an affiliate marketer is not required to do so. They can easily source for product that is proven workable through reputable affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, CJ or ShareASale, which is exactly what I am doing now. Well, not all products are attached with affiliate networks, at least my most profitable product is not.

Ways to Promote Products Online

There are many ways to promote products online. One is to promote on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram like what many people are currently doing. You just need to setup an account, build your followers, gain their trust and you are ready to promote your products to them. But what if one day these social platforms become less popular like what happened to Friendster? Will the vast number of followers that you build over the years migrate to another platform of your choice? I personally doubt so.

For me, I prefer to build my own website to slowly increase my online presence on a platform that I have full control. I am not saying selling without a website is ineffective, but certainly will not be as sustainable and credible as having one. I can start building my customer list that Facebook will not share with me, improve my writing skills so I can apply at workplace and share thoughts that can influence change. With my own website, most of my colleagues approach me for digital marketing advice. My website is not only a tool to promote affiliate products but also one that can build personal branding which one day can support me to become an influencer in my niche.

How did I start building my website?

I started blogging via blogspot.com more than 10 years ago when I was still an entrepreneur. Back then, learning was challenging as there were not many online lessons compared to now. Therefore what I did was merely creating an online presence for my business and rank my website on first page of Google. As I started to work for people, I realised it is very important to have multiple sources of income especially when C-level employment always comes with a contractual period. I therefore decided to learn about how to earn money online to prepare for rainy days (lol…you know what I meant).

Trust me, I’ve paid tens of thousands ringgit to some so-called digital marketing guru which landed me with nothing. Most flowery promises made by them were sheer hollow. While I was on the brink to give up, I stumbled upon a platform called Wealthy Affiliate, claiming to house a community of 800,000 internet entrepreneurs that provides 24/7 support and step by step guidance to earn money online. Since joining is free, I decided to give it a try and that was on my 38th birthday! I never regret since then.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community platform that provides, to certain extent free training, free tools, free domain, free hosting, and support to people who want to earn money online. It was founded in Canada by two young men– Kyle and Carson. I find the free training in this platform very quality and the step by step guidance is easy to follow. Upon experiencing first few free lessons, I decided to join premium and promised myself that this shall be my last attempt to learn digital marketing. And tell you the truth, I never really pay a single cent to this platform as I started to earn back the annual subscription fees few months after joining. The rest is history.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me ways to find my passion, build a website, and create high quality content. I also learn to design social media marketing strategies, implement pay-per-click, SEO, and identify profitable affiliate products to generate passive income. Literally, everything you need to earn money online can be found inside Wealthy Affiliate, and this includes digital tools, domain name and hosting. Most importantly Wealthy Affiliate constantly introduces new lessons to keep up with market changes.

I am glad that I upgraded my digital skills back in 2015 to keep up with the demanding corporate environment. This knowledge not only allows me to generate passive income, deliver complex marketing task but also serves as a safety net for me to take a break from the corporate world should I decided to do so. If anyone needs to brush up their digital marketing skills, I highly recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate. It has indeed helped me at workplace.

But please bear in mind that nothing comes without effort. If you are prepared to spend your weekend building this passive income, I suggest you start by building a website with your name – just like what I did for mine www.FlorenceKi.com. If you are interested, you can start immediately by clicking the button below.  You will be directed to a page asking you to key in your preferred blog name. Just follow through the instruction and you will soon be on your way to create your very first blog. *No credit card required.

Never Try, Never Know

Like what I always tell my son, “You never try, you never know”. As I am a person who feeds on knowledge, my next journey is to complete my DBA. What about you?

About The Author


I am Florence, a learning individual who believes in the principle of “SHARING”. I enjoy learning and sharing on almost everything. It seems to have integrate as part of my life. Therefore, I decided to start www.florenceki.com to share all my knowledge and everything that matters to me. Of course this includes how to earn money online which I’ve been sharing via www.clickwebsuccess.com